So long ago I bumped into steven universe, or rather i was actively excited about it. I loved adventure time at the time, and Steven Universe was being advertised as Rebecca Sugar’s mindchild. Lovely stuff.

Even better turns out i really liked this pearl character right from the onset.

she was very fun to draw, but quickly I started really enjoying drawing her kinda venomous, kinda creepy, there were alot of notes in the show that she wasnt TOTALLY BENEVOLENT, and i ran with it.

Oddly my creepy toothy Pearl got popular, actually she was my very first taste of “trendy/popular art.” She actually allowed me to break to like 600+ followers on tumblr. Even better that Peridot came out, and there was a consistent tension and distrust between Peridot and Pearl. Was a flavor i was all about.

The pokey-spear image kinda incited “what if i made something EDGI AS HECK?” and it drove me to do a mini comic focused around that. Im fairly sure it was the very first time a single post of mine broke 1k anything. Also it was rather cathartic to actually like. COMPLETE A COMIC ON A WHIM? Never had that focused of a drive prior to that.

But as time went on the constant hiatuses, theeeee 6 15 minute episodes a year, and a contiously glaring “oh this show is for kids, aaand im not really interested in smuttifying it explicitly.” Eventually just started idly doodling. It was cool that Peridot had a redemption arc, and i started thinking about her being more bug-like.

Lapis as a character i thought was lovely, but sadly how i drew her always hard-reminded me of a lost friend, so it always just ended up with drawing her MISERABLE and just make me miserable, too. so theres only a few doodles of her.

By now though like… my identity on tumblr got switched from league-fanart to steven-universe. but i was also a smut artist not interested in drawing steven universe smut? and people started requesting horny stuff of them. things were def BIG DROPPING IN INTEREST. plus i stopped watching entirely. I stopped watching before the show even got to yellow diamond. So thats probably good perspective as to how disconnected i was to it. Really it was just my love for drawing this vicious pearl.

one of the earliest episodes let the audience see her organizing special swords that she never ended up using. or harkening back to. so i started doing a little project, designed a gem for each sword that fought alongside her before things got real nasty. it was kinda a fun little space where i made a group of characters who all only existed in the past, a point of history. Was the last hurrah of my SU-foraying. was a success though. wasnt POPULAR online though, but it was really enjoyable playing around with ocs in the mythos, plus the designs are all pretty spicy. great success.

oh yeah, even cooler, I got to design two tattoos of Pearl and Fuchsia.

but yeah, by the end of it, i got to be a guest in a fanart anthology, got to do two pearl pieces, which funnily enough are some of my favorite illustrations.
I still have a couple copies of this book, if one is interested in buying.
Alongside just pulled a little zine of… most these illustrations plus some other doodles binded into a 4×5.5inch zine. Overall it kinda got me from hobbyist to wait-i-can-make-a-living-off-of-art, so my thanks to Pearl, my thanks to Steven Universe.

…I honestly wonder if I started watching it again whether I’d get back into it. Who knows.